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A Day Full of Amazing Views!

Day 1 in Málaga | By Lucy Iloduba

Monday was our first day in Málaga, and I can say that I already love it!

We started the day off with orientation, where we received all the information and tools we would need to navigate the city.

Then we were brought to our work placement on the bus. We have the most beautiful commute to work! I was amazed looking at all of the lovely buildings and mountains around us, as well as the blue-green sea. I just wanted to soak it all in.

In the evening, we were brought on a city tour. We learned about the history of Málaga, from why all the streets have rounded corners, to where some delicious Spanish treats get their names! I was fascinated with the architecture on the cathedral — it was just breathtaking.

My favourite part, however, being a classics enthusiast, was of course the Roman amphitheater ruins, and underground chambers where garam (fish sauce) was made.

A wonderful start to the week; I can’t wait to see how the rest of this amazing experience plays out!

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