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An average day in Malaga

Today started out really relaxed. I went to work where we had a special visitor, the owner's mother-in-law Luci brought her adorable dog to the shop today. Her name is Mia and she was so cute, she was a little nervous at the start but she eventually warmed up to myself and Chiara, the other girl Im working with.

A bit after work myself and some of the others decided to go back to the beach for a swim and oh my god the water was freezing!! It was great fun to swim about for a bit but after a while we decided to head back and get some ice cream on the way to the accommodation.

After heading back to the accommodation we decided to go out for some food, we walked around the city centre for a bit before stumbling across a place called Smash Burger. I ordered a classic chicken burger, fries, onion rings and a glass of coke and oh my god they were delicious! I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking if travelling to Malaga.

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