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Castillo de Gibralfaro

After a nice day at work I was delighted to be going on a walk up to the castle I've seen many times walking around the city. I have to say I was very shocked finding out how big of a walk it actually was and at some points I was struggling just a little bit, but the walking paid off and I got to experience some of the most beautiful views I've seen this entire trip.

We first stopped off at a viewpoint looking over the ocean. It blew my mind away.

Even though these views were beautiful I was in for an even bigger treat. After reaching the castle we got to relax and have an ice cold drink at the top where we then walked to the second viewpoint. I have to say it was that amazing that a small group of us actually stayed there for over a hour just to watch the sunset. It's lining up to be one of my favourite evenings of the trip.

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