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Landing in Malaga

On day 1 we were to all gather at the airport for 11.30 at terminal 2. I was very excited for this trip as it was long time coming. When I got to the airport I had a fright as I was bang on time and didn't see anybody. Once I found everybody and we got through security we had plenty of time to chill out and eat food or do whatever. Also before we left we got given the rules for the trip. Once we got on to the plane everybody was excited just to get over there. On the plane I slept the whole plane ride. We landed in very late so we didn't do much for the night. We got a bus from the airport to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel we got to the hotel late so everybody went to bed

Day 2

On day 2 I was told to wake up early as everybody was told to be in the board room in the hotel for 10.30. At 10.30 we were given our Erasmus bags. In the bag had a pen, a leap card for the local buses and a few Spanish sweets. We were separated into groups to be brought to our work placements. We were brought to the lab that me and Jake were gonna be working at. Luckily it wasn't to far from our accommodation unlike some others that had to walk an hour to get to theirs. We met the manager Pelliur who luckily spoke good English as me and Jake didn't have a hope of understanding Spanish. For the first day of work experience we were shown around the lab and what our job was to do. After work experience we were late back so we went out to watch the match.

Day 3

Day 3 I woke up late. Once all ready I was starving and hasn't eaten in ages so I went down to McDonald's before going into work experience. Unlike day 1 of work experience the jobs we were given were not as exciting. For the first 2 hours I was putting tablets into the box's and for the last 2 hours we were stacking shelf's. We didn't get back out until late so we stayed in the accommodation and played pool and watched movies

Day 4

Day 4 was basically the same as day 3 nothing much really happened. I had a lie in due to working from 4-8. Again I went to get food with Jake before going to work at 4. At work again we were stuck stacking shelf's. We both found this very annoying but knew there was nothing we could really do to change it. After work we had an hour beach activity on which was good to have everybody out. We also went out that night for a few drinks and also watched the match.

Day 5

Day 5 was an early start that we got changed our times changed from 4-8 to 8-12. The early start was a rough start having to get up at 6.30. In work it was a rough day where 3 hours of the day stacking shelf's but the last hour we did work on the computers sending emails. After work I went out to get food. I went up to the gym for a few hours and chilled out. Later in the day we went out the get dinner and watch a match to slag Jake for arsenal losing. When we got back to the accommodation we played pool

Day 6

Day 6 was the first day without anything on work experience. We woke up early as we had a trip to Granada for the day. We were up for 8.45 for the bus to leave at 9. I woke up very late so I was not prepared at all. The journey on the bus was 2 hours long so on the way up we had a break half way through. We stopped off at Burger King to stretch the legs and get something to eat. When we got there we were told we are doing a 4 hour tour around the city of Granada. We had a tour guide show us around the place telling us about the city. After the tour we had 3 hours to make up time for ourselves. We went out to get food and went shopping around. At 3.45 we were collected to the bus on the way home 2 hours back to Malaga. We also had the same stop at Burger King on the way back. When we got back we had plenty of time and we went out for drinks later on the day.

Day 7

Day 7 was a lazy day as everybody had gone out late all night the night before. I woke up late and went to get food with the lads. We went to a pancake shop that was surprisingly cheap for the size of the pancakes. After eating we went on a boat trip for an hour. The water was bumpy so there was a few sick head coming off at the end. For the night we flew around Malaga on the scooters and watched the sun set

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