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Updated: Feb 3

After the last busy day in the vets we were ready for a bit more of a relaxed shift and thankfully that's just what we got. Upon arrival we were informed that a small white terrier called Lupo, which had been staying in the surgery since we had arrived the previous monday, was doing better. Lupo had been hit by a quad bike and both of his legs were broken. Alonso had operated on his left leg prior to our arrival but had held off on the left leg due to his deteriorating health. Receiving a blood transfusion, Lupo was quietly sitting in his cage and was giving lots of pats and scratches by the vets as they passed by. There weren't many other consultations and we ended up getting to leave early. In the evening we all gathered at the beach to play football, frisbee, and swim, and was exactly what we needed after a busy first week in Malaga.

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