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Getting to Know Grenada

Updated: Feb 3

It was an early morning, we were up at 8 to be ready to leave for Grenada at 9. Once we were all on the coach we departed Malaga and got on the road. It was about an hours journey, or a bit more, to Grenada but the mountainous scenery was out of this world. At one point you could see snowy mountain peaks in the distance, sneaking in between the gaps in the smaller mountains that stood in front of them. On arrival we disembarked the coach and began the walk down from the car park to one of the many city gates to start our tour. The tour was very interesting and it was amazing to see all the picturesque alleys filled with all sorts of shops and cafes. On completion we wandered the city to find somewhere to get dinner before we left. We managed to come across a nice kebab place that served a delightful falafel roll. The journey back to Malaga went quickly as we were all tired. We stopped by a service station and while buying a fresh bottle of water made friends with a small white cat.

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