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Malaga - a diners delight!

Updated: Jan 29

After a 3 hour flight we finally arrived in Malaga, Spain, at 7pm, after months of preparation and waiting. After disembarking the plane we collected our luggage and borded the coach that was waiting to bring us to our accommodation and started to make plans on what to do for our evening. Upon arrival we made our best attempt to unpack our things, after the long day of travel that we had just undertook, and went for a walk to find a place to eat. The choice of restaurants was unbelievable and we eventually decided to dine in a small Italian restaurant near Constitution Plaza. I ordered a truffle, mushroom and parmesan pizza with a glass of white wine. The pizza was delicious and very truffly, and the dough was soft and crispy. When we finished we explored the city centre a bit more and then headed to bed to get ready for our first day at work placements.

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