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Hiking in Malaga

Today we all met Pirámide de Cristal in the city centre to begin a little hike up near where there is an old castle. We met with our guide Maria and began the walk. The views on the way up were amazing and once we got past the really steep parts the walk was actually really easy going. Once we got nearer to the top the views were absolutely stunning! You could see all along the coastline it was so pretty and we definitely had the right weather for it! Not a cloud to be seen!

Then we went further on with our walk up along towards the old castle where you could see all of Malaga. You definitely wouldn't get sights like these back home!

There was a nice little restaurant/bar up the top covered by the nicest little canopy, it felt like some sort of tiki bar with all the leaves and flowers draped over the top. We sat there for a few minutes to just take in the wonderful views. After a while we began the walk back down towards the city centre and the view of the coastline was amazing, the sun was just starting to set so the glow over Malaga was just beautiful.

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