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Kindergarten work experience

I am studying childcare and I am doing my work experience in a kindergarden school I have been working with age 2-3 years with the toddlers I have been their Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, the staff and children are so friendly I have got involved in the activities and routines with the children, there is 20 children in the toddler room the routine throughout the day was really good for the children the children arrive between 8:30-9am and start the morning with free play and 10am their is an assembly for the children this is nursery rhymes and learning the days of the week I have communicated true google translate with the children and the practitioner ( well tried haha) I have also sang to the children in english and had so much fun. The art activitys we have done this week is related to easter and the children had so much fun colouring in egg baskets. I am really loving my experience, here is a few photos of working in the toddler room. Lyndsey xox

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