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Spur of the Moment Memories

After work we all had a meeting with Laura and Paula for a few minutes. Afterwards I was starting to get tired and wasn't sure if I wanted to go out but Sophie convinced me to go out for a bite to eat. We decided to walk down to try some of the restaurants down by the waterfront but when we got there we saw a group if people lining up for the sunset boat trip. The weather was so nice, it was warm and the sky was so clear so myself and Sophie impulsively bought 2 tickets to do the trip a 2nd time! The views were absolutely beautiful and the sunset behind the mountains was just mind blowing!

Not even 2 minutes after we stepped off the boat when the tour finished, we bumped into Sjaan and some of the other girls who were on their way to get some food. Since myself and Sophie got a little sidetracked we decided to join the girls for dinner. We found a restaurant along the waterfront and the views of the sunset from land were gorgeous!

The food was delicious, so much so that i definitely want to go back before we go back home tomorrow! I ordered a chicken chimichanga with a side of fried rice and i honestly think it was the best meal ive had so far on this trip! After we finished our food myself, Sjaan, Saoirse and Aymane were curious to see what desserts they had and the second i saw chocolate brownies i was hooked! The 4 of us ordered a brownie and it was one of the nicest brownies i have had, it was warm, soft in the middle and crunchy on top and was served with ice-cream.

Just as we were finishing our food the manager of the restaurant came to our table and said that we could all have a round of drinks on the house! We were so surprised at the lovely gesture but gladly accepted! It just goes to show that sometimes spur of the moment decisions turn out to be better than what you originally planned!

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