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Student Interviews & Grease the Musical Rehearsals!

Week 2 | By Lucy Iloduba

As our trip to Malaga is coming to a close, I am reminded every day how much I love it here, and am so grateful for this opportunity!

In secondary school, the past few days have been comprised of lots and lots of interviews by the students! They prepare questions for us in English, and take note of our answers. It is lovely to see their vocabulary expanding, and their confidence speaking English flourish.

We’ve been helping out with general classroom tasks in the primary school, where they are learning all about the different sea creatures.

Sophie and I also received lovely personalised cards from one of our students — how sweet! It is very hard building bonds with students knowing we have to leave so soon, though :(

In other exciting news, we learned that the oldest students in Platero will be performing Grease the Musical at the end of the school year! We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the show during rehearsals today, and we were all so impressed that, not only do these students have the confidence to perform in front of their peers, they are also able to do it in English! We just wish that we were able to see the final product in May!

We only have a few days left here now, which is so sad, however, I am so thankful for this experience and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Platero Green School.

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