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Sunday: Catamaran boat trips and pancakes

As far as normal Sunday's go, I would definitely say this was not one of them in the best way! As the majority of us were wrecked from the trip to Grenada, Sunday was our chance to grab a lie in.

Most of the group decided early Sunday afternoon that we wanted to book another activity in Malaga; we all voted to go on an evening catamaran boat trip. We booked it and never even taught twice! So before our amazing trip started, feeling hungry I stopped into the American restaurant, which is just around the corner from our accommodation, for some Pancakes !!

About a half an hour later, replenished with pancakes, we dashed down to the the pier - Jake and I didn't think we'd make the boat! - but we finally made it!! We all had an amazing time on the catamaran boat trip. This is definitely one that I would do again in a heartbeat; we all made memories to last a lifetime.

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