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The Mechanics motoring ahead

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We started the day off by meeting a guide, Miguel. He accompanied us to the garage and acted as a translator for our first encounter with our new boss, José Luis. We took the number 19 bus from Alameda Principal to P.I El Viso. As we disembarked, our journey was not over yet. We still had a short walk to the garage. On this walk we stumbled upon a café where we would later have lunch after we missed our bus home. When we got to the garage, Miguel introduced us to José Luis.

Jose was in the middle of fixing the break of a Audi A3 because the break disc had been worn out then we went o a drive where Jose explain how the break disc of a car work he explain why it inpotent to have it always work and how it gets worn down

Jose showed us a classic BMW, it was an original from 1983 fitted with leather upholstery. I was genuinely impressed when i seen this car, although it was a bit dirty it was in great condition for a 40 year old car. Jose said he would let us inspect the car when he got petrol for it, so i cant wait for that.

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