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Wonderful trip to Grenada

Here we go! What a lovely way to start the weekend. We were up from early, meeting at 8:45 sharp for the bus. It took us on a lovely scenic drive though A-92 which gave us stunning views of the Spanish country side.

When we arrived in Grenada we were greeted by our tour guide Pedro who would show us around this beautiful city. A city full of amazing history dating back to the early 11th century; to the different people who occupied the city, including Iberians, Romans and Visigoths. Pedro showed us around and we saw the Alhambra which is a medieval Nasrid Citadel and Palace located in the hills in Grenada.

As we finished our tour up at the Alhambra, Pedro took us on a walking tour of the town of Grenada which was jaw dropping. The architecture and walks-ways throughout the city were stunning. I was in awe! We ended the day by enjoying a gourmet croissant and a lovely warm cappuccino. Overall I'm so grateful to have had the ability to walk around and explore this gorgeous city; a very big thank you to Paula, Laura, Roger and Sara for organising all this and especially our lovely tour guide Pedro!!! Muchas gracias por todos!!

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